Drop-Shipping From The Caribbean

Nutmeg from Grenada

Drop-shipping from the Caribbean

In the Caribbean islands, persons take for granted the varying cultures as well as by extension the micro-businesses which produce products and services which are unique to this region. In fact it may even be promoted that the idea of really exploring the true foreign exchange potential of Caribbean businesses has not be done to its fullest extend.

Further to this with the extensive use of Internet access, the percentage of persons doing business online in the Caribbean is still relatively small. In fact, as a highlight the Caribbean on a whole may be more consumer driven than producer driven.

With the continual dynamism of the Internet and the ease of creating a virtual presence with little to no capital cost, the opportunity to produce for export is quite easy. Hence we explore the idea of drop-shipping from the Caribbean. This can be done as an Inter-Island or Regional initiative as well as beyond the Latin American Basin to the larger continents.

Just for clarity we define this process: What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-Shipping by definition is the method of fulfilling a retail purchase made by a consumer, where the manufacturer packages a product for delivery direct to consumer. The route of the purchase in this instance can happen by the inclusion of a third party or middle man, such that the customer purchases from the virtual shop of the middle man, then that middle guy orders the product from the manufacturer and the manufacturer fulfills the order.

There is no stock held by the middle man, and the manufacturer can brand the product as having originated from the middle man. In other words, the middle man does what he is good at, and that is sales. Similarly the manufacturer also does what he is good at, and that is making product. Additionally, the smart manufacturer can have several “retail” middle men and affiliates who therefore ensures that there is a comfortable sales volume that optimizes production.

This now begs the question: Why Can’t We Do This In The Caribbean?

Newcastle Pottery – St. Kitts

This formula works quite well in various parts of the globe, across widely varied products, some persons may be using the platforms such as Etsy for small production, while others may be using those platforms such as Shopify, Oberlo and even Big-Commerce, just to name a few for larger quantities. The truly savvy retailer, can even create his own virtual presence and fashion their own store.

The Caribbean is unique in its own right…

How do we expand on the possibility of drop-shipping from the Caribbean? In fact taking a good look at some of the markets in the Caribbean region, we see that it is primarily consumer driven. This is as a result of some territories not being able to make or manufacture goods and services in large enough quantities. However if we consider the various niches then we can possibly use the Caribbean as a space for providing products for drop-shipping. Of course it may not be the large quantities initially, but this would need to start from some where.

We have the use of those rich and vibrant colors when manufacturing Bathing suits, Herbal Teas,  as well as unique use of ingredients for Soaps and Shampoos. Furthermore the sea-shells are also unique to the Caribbean as well as the rum and sea-glass. Why can’t some creative individual/ design and create a product of bottling even sea-water, its simple enough, and we’ll give you that one for free. With the potential of at least 6 billion persons browsing online and shopping online increasing, the Caribbean entrepreneur should tap into that.

How can we get this started?

It is easy, and as usual the quality of the product must be assured. As such, the person who is creating that online store – does not have to re-invent the wheel. The business model would be to find a manufacturer or supplier of course with these uniquely made Caribbean products.

Once you are satisfied that the product meets your exacting standards then we can move to the creation of an online store. There are of course plenty of platforms out there that can be used to get started. The general tendency is, that those persons who manufacture their product, can focus on ensuring the output is consistent.

Now it is here that the online marketer fixes up the online store, specifically showing-off in a big way, that their product is manufactured in the Caribbean. Once this platform has a strong driver with a laser sharp focus, then the chances of growing the drop-shipping business out of the Caribbean is feasible. Added to this is the advent of many digital marketing services online again this can ensure that niche markets are tapped and provide for the movement of unique Caribbean product to remote locations globally.

The numbers speak, 6 billion persons online + Unique Caribbean Clay Pottery or Creams (Product) + Virtual Retail Salesman  = Dynamic Caribbean Businesses Drop-Shipping

Come On Guys – Lets do it..

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